Nine labourers killed in Kohat coal mine explosion

KOHAT: Nine labourers were killed in an explosion in a coal mine in Akhorwal area, according to official in the political administration.

According to official, gas produced from the coals filled the mine leading to an explosion which resulted in the collapse of a part of the mine.
Eleven labourers were trapped thousands of feet underground when the mine caved in, official added.
However, rescuers have recovered the bodies of nine of the trapped labourers while efforts are under way to rescue the remaining two miners trapped inside the coal mine.

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Kohat Khalid Illyas, the incident occurred at 8am.

He added, no is trapped under rubble.

Moreover, the deputy commissioner said, the three injured labourers who were rescued have been shifted to the hospital for medical treatment.

Earlier this year, six labourers suffocated to death when a coal mine in Kala Khel area, situated on the border of FR Kohat and FR Peshawar overfilled with gas.

According to official, the gas produced from the coals filled mine the with gas where the labourers were working.
Due to not being equipped with any safety device, the labourers had died.