Nimrita case: Class-fellow admits to romantic involvement with deceased

Police on Sunday claimed that Mehran Abro, the accused arrested in connection with the mysterious death of final year medical student Nimrita Kumari, had conceded that the two were romantically involved. 

According to the police officials, Abro said that Kumari had discussed the possibility of marriage with him. Abro also revealed that he rejected a marriage proposal from Kumari. 

Reports indicate that the friendship between Abro and Kumari started at least four years ago, and the former initially wanted to marry Nimrita. Another accused, Waseem Memon, was also interested in marrying Nimrita.

Meanwhile, a teacher of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Amar Lal, told the police that Nimrita was worried about some personal issues but never discussed the cause of her depression. 

The police also claimed that they have recovered sleeping pills from the bedroom of Kumari, and said that the deceased used them during her anxiety. Police officials say they are still working to identify the exact cause of the alleged suicide or murder.

However, officials caution that facts would only come out after the final post mortem report, which could shed some light on as yet unresolved leads in the mysterious death of Kumari. 

Accordign to reports, Nimrita Kumari and Mehran Abro were brilliant students of their class, and Mehran’s family had also attended the marriage ceremony of Nimrita’s brother.

SSP Larkana Masood Ahmed Bangash told the media that he had been trying to get in touch with the family of the deceased for the last five days but had not been able to talk to them. 

He further added that the police had recorded statements of the university teachers, employees, students, besides the hostel provost, in the case.