NH&MP personnel rewarded for swift action

By Asghar Ali Mubarak

ISLAMABAD: Timely action of National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) recovered a stolen car at beat-imdc and handed over to it owner. As per details, a person informed NHMP Patrolling Officers at Misyari (Murree Expressway) that his car had been stolen from the front of his house located at Shihala.

NHMP Officers immediately passed wireless message to all Patrolling Vehicles. Meanwhile, DSP/CPO Tayyab Nazir and Operations Officer Inspector Gul Anar, who were on patrolling, observed the same car. They started chasing the car and also passed the message to Anti-Crime Squad. At Bastal Morr, the Officers of Anti-Crime Squad Inspector Tariq Yaqoob and Sub-Inspector Jehanzeb Khan tried to stop the car but the culprit succeeded to fled from there due to over speeding. DSP/CPO Tayyab Nazir along with Operations Officer IP/SPO Gul Anar continued chasing the said car. After some distance, the culprit left the car on road and fled in the deep forest. The NHMP Officers took the car in custody. On searching, original number plates were recovered from the car. Officers of NHMP Anti-Crime Squad also reached the culprit in the forest. Local Police was called on the spot. Later on after completing codal formalities, the car was handed over to its owner in presence of Local Police, who appreciated the in time action of NHMP Officers. The Inspector General NHMP Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam appreciated the excellent performance of NHMP Officer of Beat-IMDC N-5 North Zone. The Deputy Inspector General of Police NHMP N-5 North Zone, Mr. Muhammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan also appreciated efforts of NHMP Officers and awarded them Commendation Certificates and Cash Rewards as token of appreciation.