NEPRA slashes power tariff


Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) — the country’s power regulator — has approved to reduce per-unit cost of electricity by Rs0.76 on account of fuel charges adjustment (FCA) for November 2021.
The regulatory approved a Rs0.7591 per kWh decrease in power tariff on account of the November FCA.
According to a notification issued in this regard, the relief will be given to the consumers in the bills of February 2022.
“The FCA shall apply to all the consumer categories except lifeline consumers,” the notification read, adding that domestic consumers up to 300 units and agriculture consumers of K-Electric.
The negative adjustment on account of monthly FCA is also applicable to the domestic consumers having Time of Use (ToU) metres irrespective of their consumption level.
“The said adjustment shall be shown separately in the consumers’ bills on the basis of units billed to the consumers in the month to which the adjustment pertains,” the statement said.
The regulatory authority further mentioned that in case the incremental industrial and winter incentive package becomes applicable in K-Electric, the amount of negative FCA allowed to such consumers would be adjusted in the subsequent adjustments of K-Electric.
Earlier, the NEPRA had notified an increase of Rs1.0751 per unit in electricity tariff for K-Electric consumers on account of FCA for October 2021, which will be recovered from consumers in the bills of January 2022.