Nationwide lockdown still on table, says Firdous

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to PM (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan shared that Prime Minister Imran Khan has not ‘ruled out the option of a nationwide lockdown’ if the general public does not adopt precautionary steps to control the coronavirus outbreak.
In tweets, she said the prime minister had spoken about the challenges and issues with regards to the lockdown option. Dr Firdous contended that if the public did not show responsibility, then the federal government will have to impose a lockdown despite its unwillingness to do so. The prime minister, she noted, had again asked the public to cooperate in the fight against the virus but there was no glimpse of such cooperation so far.
“We appeal to the people to cooperate, as the government has resolved to ensure their safety and protection. Right now, the challenge is to create a realisation among the people about the pandemic and, to deal with this challenge, the media’s cooperation is of utmost importance,” she noted.
She emphasised that every individual would have to play their role and in the given situation, the role of the Ulema was especially critical. In another tweet, she also welcomed the return of the MQM-Pakistan to the Federal Cabinet and said that at this difficult juncture, we are all united in fighting the challenge presented by the coronavirus. She added that the return of MQM to the cabinet would strengthen the government’s endeavours for the betterment of people of Karachi.