Nation’s first offshore Carbon capture project put into use

BEIJING: The operation of China’s first offshore carbon capture and storage demonstration project will further facilitate China’s carbon peak and neutrality goals, as oil companies step up research and investment to help them become sustainable in the long run, industry experts said.
The demonstration project began operations on Thursday in the eastern waters of the South China Sea. It will help fill the gap in China’s offshore carbon capture, treatment, injection and storage technology, said its operator China National Offshore Oil Corporation.
The facility is expected to store 300,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year, and is designed to capture and store up to 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide produced during the process of oilfield development, said Deng Changhong, deputy general manager of the Shenzhen Branch of CNOOC.
Carbon dioxide captured during oilfield development was injected 800 meters under water on Thursday, close to the Enping 15-1 platform, Asia’s largest offshore oil production platform, CNOOC said.
The platform, put into operation at the end of last year, has a daily peak crude production capacity of 7,000 tons. However, the amount of carbon dioxide produced during the oilfield development remains high. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item