‘Nation proud of Pakistan Army’s services’

By Hina Kiyani

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army is the guardian of the ideological and geographical boundaries of the country and the nation is proud of its services.
This institution has made supreme sacrifices for the stability of Pakistan and its role in the war against terrorism is highly commendable, said Syed Jawad Ali Shah, Vice Chairman, All Pakistan Sadat Association, while addressing an emergency meeting of the organization.
He said that thousands of soldiers and officers of the Army had sacrificed their lives for the protection of the land and the entire nation appreciates the services and sacrifices of those who guard national borders.
The entire population of Pakistan is standing by the side of their armed forces to foil the unholy designs and nefarious intentions of anti-state elements, he said. Syed Jawad Ali Shah said that the entire nation was united for the integrity and survival of the country and held the Army in very high esteem.
Our soldiers have been on alert for our protection in the harsh summer and winter and on the snow-capped peaks at an altitude of 18,000 feet.
He also lauded the professionalism, services and sacrifices of Frontier Corps Peshawar, Frontier Corps DI Khan and Frontier Corps Quetta and said that the nation is indebted to them.
The Pakistan Army is ready to face any internal, external, geographical and ideological aggression and the people have rejected the false propaganda of the enemy.
Soldiers and officers of the Pakistan Army have never cared about their lives in performing their duties during locust attacks, floods, earthquakes and epidemics.
It is an enormous delusion of some elements that they will make the people criticise their Army which they love. Our military is at the international level fighting terrorism and will never disappoint the nation, he said.