Naqeebullah murder: Police declare Rao Anwar as principal accused

ISLAMABAD: Sindh Police have declared former SSP Rao Anwar as the main culprit in the famous Naqeebullah fake encounter case.
A supplementary charge-sheet has been submitted by District Central SSP Dr Rizwan Ahmad Khan on the basis of Joint Investigation Team (JIT)’s report, constituted by the apex court last month to probe the matter on March 21.
A copy of the supplementary charge-sheet is available with media.
According to the statements of witnesses and evidence, it has been established that Rao Anwar was the ‘main player’ of the fake encounter, as he was leading the team, which was involved in abducting, declaring Naqeebullah, Muhammad Ishaq, Muhammad Sabir and Nazar Jan as terrorists and later killed them in the fake encounter, says the charge-sheet.
It is also stated that during interrogation, Anwar could not produce any evidence to establish his innocence.
Interestingly, it is pointed out that Anwar deliberately delayed the matter and withheld the facts.
However, it has been proven that he was present at the crime scene. Rao was also involved in registering fake cases of terrorism against the deceased.
Likewise, geo fencing data also established that Anwar was in contact with his team members from January 3 to 13 and it is also proved that they were in contact later as well.
During the investigation, it was also found that Rao was in contact with police constables Jahangir Khanzada and Shakil Feroz through DSP Qamar and SHO Amanullah Marwat.
In view of the investigation, the police charged Anwar under offence of 7ATA/365-A/302/114/109/201/202/34.
It is also stated that geo fencing data shows that Anwar was found at the crime scene.
During the investigation, it was also found that former DSP Qamar Ahmad compromised the evidence at the crime scene and acted as facilitator to the team, which was involved in fake encounter.
According to the geo fencing data, Qamar Ahmad was continuously in contact with the police officials, who were involved in the fake encounter.
The police investigation says that PC Shakil Feroz replaced mobile SIMs after the incident.
According to the charge-sheet, former ASIs Gada Husain, Khair Muhammad, HC Sadaqat Hussain, Mohsin Abbas, Rana Riaz, etc., were also found on the crime scene
It has been stated that since March 23, the JIT held 16 meetings at different places.
The JIT also recorded the statements of two key witnesses, namely Muhammad Qasim and Hazrat Ali.
In view of their statements, the JIT members visited the crime scene near Quetta Shair Agha Hotel as well as the Police Choki of the New Sabzi Mundi police station, Super Highway Industrial Area, Malir, Karachi, Police Choki, Abbas Town, Sachal, Malir Police Station.
The JIT also interrogated former ASI Allah Yar, former head constable (HC) Muhammad Iqbal, former HC Arshad Ali and other police officials in the Central Jail Karachi, separately, who confirmed that they picked up Naqeeb and his fellows from Shair Agha Hotel to Abbas Town Choki but they (police officials) were unaware that later they would be killed in a fake encounter.
The police also stated in the charge-sheet that special teams are conducting raids to arrest the absconders but they have not been successful so far.
However, the police have admitted that the weapons used in the fake encounter have yet to be recovereds but it is expected that after the arrest of absconders, the weapons would be recouped.
Likewise, new revelations would also come on the surface after their arrest.
It is further stated that CDR of former ASI Akbar Mallah was also thoroughly examined, wherein it was found that he made the first phone call to Malik Haji Muhammad after picking Naqeeb and his fellows.
However, this fact would be verified after the arrest of Akbar Mallah.
The Latif Town police station registered a case against 12 police officials — including Rao Anwar.
The police mentioned the names of 10 officials who were involved in the fake encounter as well as hushing up the case later.
The police say it is getting assistance from the media as well as all intelligence agencies to arrest the absconders.
It is to be noted that Rao Anwar had already filed a review petition against the Supreme Court’s order to re-constitute the JIT to probe the matter.
He expressed mistrust over the team and requested that members of intelligence agencies should also be included in the team. However, the matter is yet to be fixed for hearing.