Nadia Khan shares experience of interaction with bollywood actors

By Noreen Aslam

Nadia Khan is a brilliant Pakistani television host and actor. Her popular dramas were Des Pardesi and Bandhan. Recently, she appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast in which she talked about conducting the interviews of Bollywood celebrities. She said that she had an amazing experience of interviewing different celebrities.
Talking about her interviews with Bollywood celebs she said, “I became a very good friend of Sikhwinder Singh. He called my name in concert and said that he’s going to dedicate this song to his sister Nadia Khan”. She further talked about doing Kangna’s interview.
Nadia Khan said, “I interviewed Kangna and she was wearing a short skirt and she had bruises which were seen, while taking interview, her bruises were confusing and distracting me but I couldn’t ask from her about it because her secretary also said to me to refrain from extra questioning. Talking about Bobby Deol’s interview, Nadia Khan said, “Bobby’s manager told us that he can only give 20 to 25 minutes, I said, ‘okay, 10 minutes would be more than enough’ but we kept on talking and our interview went for 40 minutes and he loved the interview. It was an amazing interview.