Murtaza Wahab blames PTIfor deteriorating situation in Sindh

KARACHI: Adviser to Chief Minister of Sindh on Law, Anti-Corruption Establishment, and Information Murtaza Wahab on Tuesday said that the overall situation in Sindh had started deteriorating when the ‘PTI virus’ spread across the province. “PTI leaders come on television to tell tall tales and then vanish,” Wahab told the media at a press conference in Karachi on Tuesday afternoon. “The biggest issue for Pakistan at the moment is coronavirus,” he said. Taking a swipe at the provincial opposition, Wahab said that the PTI leaders had never read a book about the budget. “Then they ask about the budget. These days they are concerned about health,” he added. “They ask about the budget but they do not know that the budget is divided into two parts,” Wahab noted. “Half of the budget is for development and the other half is non-development,” he said. With regards to health issues, Wahab said that government hospitals in Sindh treated patients for free. “20-24 major operations are carried out everyday. The Sindh government, and the public-private partnership, bear the cost for these expenses,” he said. “Is there even a single institution in Sindh or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that operates along the lines of Sindh in this regard?” he asked reporters. “The Sindh government bears the cost of all the government hospitals across the province,” he reiterated. In response to recent statements by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Wahab said that FM Qureshi was spreading tensions with political statements on the virus crisis. “FM Qureshi is saying that Karachi belongs to them. Very soon they will claim Pakistan belongs to them too,” he said, indicating his opposition to the ruling party. “We want to work with the federal government but unfortunately they do not know anything except criticism. The PTI should control ‘tigers’ like Khurram Sher Zaman,” Wahab said, addressing the PTI leader from Karachi.