Multiethnic village offers template for rural tourism

BEIJING: Homestays and a wide range of cultural artifacts are providing better lives for residents of an isolated settlement in Southwest China. Yan Dongjie reports.
He Cuiying lives on a mountain peak in Yunnan province, at an altitude of 3,000 meters. Every morning, the 91-year-old is greeted by swirling mist, which creates a picturesque scene that’s reminiscent of a fairy landscape.
Four years ago, He Cuiying opened a homestay in her yard with the help of her granddaughter, He Qingmei. Ever since, she has shared her stories, the beautiful scenery and the ethnic culture of her village with visitors from across China and other parts of the world.
He Cuiying is a member of the Naxi ethnic group, while her late husband was from the Tibetan ethnic group. In Qibie village, He Cuiying’s home, members of eight ethnic groups, including the Naxi and Lisu, all coexist happily.
The village — in Tacheng town, Weixi Lisu autonomous county, Dechen Tibet autonomous prefecture — is known as a “fusion of five groups”, and local people currently operate 102 homestays.
The villagers said they have turned “houses into homestays and people into performers”. They speak the Naxi language, follow Tibetan customs and warmly welcome tourists from all over the world. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item