More efforts urged to curb arbitrary charges

BEIJING: More efforts should be made to consolidate gains in curbing arbitrary charges to prevent a resurgence of irregularities and foster a good business environment, Premier Li Keqiang said at a State Council executive meeting.
The meeting listened to a report on the implementation over the past year of preferential taxation policies for businesses and measures undertaken to rectify the imposition of arbitrary charges.
Policies such as large-scale tax refunds, tax and fee cuts, as well as tax and fee deferrals were implemented in response to changing market dynamics and the needs of market entities.
These measures, implemented in an equitable and inclusive manner, have helped market entities — especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises — and self-employed people overcome difficulties. They have also played a key role in keeping employment stable, meeting people’s basic needs and maintaining stable macroeconomic performance, the meeting heard.
Various localities and departments carried out productive work and launched rectification campaigns to promote the delivery of preferential policies for charges related to business. The policies included, temporarily deferring payments of 14 government levies and some deposits, cutting or waiving highway tolls for trucks, reducing or merging charges at ports and subsidizing utility bills.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item