'Modi not  running but splitting country'


New Delhi: Mahua Moitra, a first-time Trinamool Congress MP, is going viral on social media again after a video clip of her response to senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai started being shared widely on Twitter.
At an event hosted by India Today at the Nehru Memorial in Delhi, Sardesai had asked the West Bengal MP about the opposition’s lack of a common ideology, its “blind anti-Modism”, and asked her whether she was exaggerating the “fear factor”. Moitra responded by saying that no common ideology was needed to “save the soul of the country”.
“The need of the hour is to save the soul of this country. What Modi and the BJP are doing to this country is splitting it into two. So, I don’t think it’s about ideology or anything like that,” she said.
She added that the opposition is fighting with its back to the wall and doing whatever it can to “save the country”. “We’ll be judged in 50 years as the only ones who sat in the face of this spine-chilling scary atmosphere and fought back,” she said.
When Sardesai asked her if she was exaggerating the “fear factor”, she gave the examples of snooping on journalists, the reading down of Article 370 and the rushed swearing-in of the CM in Maharashtra.
“Are you trying to tell me, Rajdeep, that when so many of your colleagues have been snooped upon, when people are in jail without trial, when a government gets sworn in at 5:47 am, when a minister stands on the floor of the house and lies as to what legal interception is, when we are told someday by the governor of a state that nothing is about to happen and on a Monday the state is split into a union territory, are you trying to tell me, in the face of all of this, that we are living in an India where I am exaggerating Rajdeep? You report on all of this, I am merely commenting on it,” she said.
Moitra, whose maiden speech in the parliament about early signs of fascism went viral earlier this year, is known for her fiery speeches and sharp responses to questions from journalists.–Agencies