Modi disappoints Chinese leaders, global observers

By Makhdoom Babar

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a State visit to China, on Friday disappointed his Chinese hosts on Friday when, he putting aside all norms of International Diplomacy and global political affairs, raised a very strong objection to China-Pakistan Economic projects. The Indian Premier, playing for the gallery back home and to shine his domestic politics, had earlier also made similar objections at New Delhi, ahead of embarking upon his trip to China. While the Indian officials, along with Indian media, raised an unprecedented hue and cry when Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping visited Pakistan last month and formally inaugurated the mega economic project, known as CPEC.
Although certain media reports clearly indicate that Modi was snubbed by Beijing over making this completely undiplomatic objection, being a non relevant State, yet the episode exposes as how strong diplomatic skills the Indian officials of Ministry of External Affairs do possess and how closely they are familiar to such global norms.
Diplomatic observers across the globe are terming Modi’s China visit as a failed overture in which he miserably disappointed the Chinese officials in particular and global observes in General and emerged merely as an extremist Hindu rather than prevailing as a true statesman. The trip has also come as miserable failure of Delhi’s External Affairs officials but a success for Indian NSA Ajit Kumar Doval and company, who actually have the major influence on the foreign policy of India with an Intelligence perspective. The same also reflected during US President’s visit to New Delhi earlier this year when Intelligence perspective overshadowed the diplomatic perspective of India and Indian Foreign Secretary Ms. Singh had to make an exit for objecting to handling the event with Doval’s perspective.
The Daily Mail very strongly believes that if India has to emerge as a responsible global partner in peace and development, Delhi very badly needs to change its attitude towards global diplomacy. The policy makers at New Delhi are required to transform their Hindu extremist Premier as a seasoned statesman and to portray him as a peace seeker and not merely as an aggressive opponent of Pakistan and other neighbors in the region.
The Daily Mail is of the firm view that to have a better image across the globe, Delhi needs to let the diplomatic perspective prevail over the intelligence methodologies in global diplomatic affairs. People with the stature of National Security Advisor, all over the world are supposed to be the ones who give their inputs to the State leaders for enhancing the national security environments and not to run the diplomatic matters with a stereotype vision of their own. People with such official statures are supposed to provide their services for formulating a policy and not to run the show themselves and that too like a cop. If India would continue to exercise the current policies, it is bound to face a number of diplomatic debacles like the one they have faced in shape of current visit of Indian Premier to China.