Military court trials: 310 terrorists sentenced to death, 56 executed

RAWALPINDI: The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) released details of the death sentences awarded to convicted terrorists and their executions following trial by military courts.

According to the army’s media wing, cases of 717 accused terrorists were sent to military courts by the federal government since establishment of the military courts to date.

Of these 717 cases, 546 have been finalized by the military courts. Out of these 546 finalized cases, 310 terrorists were awarded death penalty while 234 were awarded rigorous imprisonment of varied duration ranging from life imprisonment to a minimum duration of five years. Two accused were also acquitted.

Out of the 310 terrorists sentenced to death, 56 terrorists have been executed after completion of legal process beyond military courts’ decisions which included their appeal in superior civil courts and rejection of their mercy petition both by the Chief of Army Staff and the President of Pakistan, the ISPR said.

Execution of death sentences of the remaining 254 terrorists is pending completion of legal process in higher courts, the statement added.

Those awarded the death penalty included masterminds, executors and abettors/facilitators of, inter alia, following major terrorist incidents:

— Marriot Islamabad terrorist attack, September 2008.

— Parade Lane terrorist attack, December 2009

— Attack on ISI office Multan, December 2009

— Terrorist attack on four SSG Soldiers including two Officers, April 2009 (one terrorist executed)

— Attack on ISI office Sukkur, November 2010

— Bannu Jail Break, April 2012 (one terrorist executed)

— Mastung Sectarian terrorist attack, April 2012

— Killing of foreigners in Nanga Parbat, June 2013

— Terrorist attack on civilian and security officials at Chalas, August 2013

— Terrorist attack on SSP Chaudhary Aslam, January 2014

— Karachi Airport attack, June 2014

— Terrorists’ attack on Ms Sabin Mehmood, April 2015

— Terrorists’ attack at Safora Goth Karachi, May 2015

— Bacha Khan University attack, January 2016

— Terrorist attack on Amjad Sabri, June 2016