#MeToo: Mumbai court raps Alok Nath over his absence, says he is the main person

A Mumbai court didn’t pass an interim order and allowed writer-producer, who accused actor Alok Nath of rape and violence, to use social media to comment on the ordeal and the allegations against the actor.

While hearing Alok Nath’s defamation suit, the court even asked the lawyers representing the actor to make necessary amendments in the suit, as there were technical errors in it.

Alok Nath’s lawyer asked for the actor’s exemption to be present in the court, to which the defence objected stating that he is the main person and needs to be present. The court also objected to his absence and asked him to be present in the next hearing, which is slated to be held on October 25.

Earlier, the writer had lodged a complaint against Alok Nathfor allegedly raping and sexually harassing her in the 90s.

Speaking to media outside the Oshiwara police station, she said, “I have lodged a complaint, which has been accepted by the police. The officials have been really helpful and the process went easy and smooth.”

However, she said that it wasn’t easy to recount the whole event which took place almost two decades ago.

The write-producer has accused Alok Nath of rape and narrated her horrifying ordeal in a Facebook post. She was the writer and producer of teleserial Tara in the 90s, in which Nath played a lead role.

In the wake of ongoing #MeToo movement, Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) in a statement said that it has ordered a high- powered committee to look into all sexual harassment complaints.

“Various steps are being taken to address this menace, including but not limited to spreading awareness and encouraging our members to not suffer in silence. Nationally we contribute billions of rupees to the government’s coffers, and yet we are not even recognised as an industry,” the statement read.

“We don’t even know which Ministry to approach to solve our problems; Information and Broadcasting Ministry, Labour Ministry or Culture Ministry. We have already approached the central government to formulate a separate Act for the Entertainment and Media Sectorm, which lays down the working conditions and rights of all the people working in films, television, sports broadcasting, digital media, live-performances and you, our friends working in the News sector,” it further added.