Meeting held between Kazakhstani delegation, CGSS

By Ajmal Khan Yousafai

ISLAMABAD: On 28th February 2020, a meeting was held between the Ministerial Delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan and the senior management of Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS). The visiting delegation from Kazakhstan was being headed by His Excellency ShakhratNuryshev – First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Kazakhstan. The participants of the meeting stated that Pakistan and Kazakhstan enjoy close, friendly ties marked by trust and understanding. The participants stated that bilateral collaboration between the two countries is rapidly growing in various sectors.
The discussion focused on various joint initiatives that have been undertaken between Pakistan and Kazakhstan. It was decided that the Researchers from Kazakhstan will visit Pakistan to discuss issues of bilateral interest. The role of media of both the countries was also brought under consideration. Furthermore, it was suggested that dramas of both countries must be translated into the languages of the other country for cultural awareness. The visiting delegation vowed to further contribute for enhanced cooperation on the bilateral and regional planes.