Mayor Islamabad grilled by CJP

By Minahil Makhdoom

ISLAMABAD: Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz was summoned by the Supreme Court on Thursday where he was grilled by the Chief Justice of Pakistan for an underwhelming performance in the federal capital. The Chief Justice during the proceeding remarked that the city’s cleanliness is an obligation of the Mayor Islamabad and district government.
CJP Gulzar Ahmed said that the city should have a standard and that standard should be maintained, the city needed to be exemplary in all aspects. The Chief Justice emphasised that people of Islamabad deserved for amenities along with more footpaths, parks and benches.
The apex court judge also asked the Mayor Islamabad to ensure that all resources are exhausted to keep the city clean and green. At a point during the proceeding, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked Ansar Aziz that why there was no cheap transport mechanism available for people to commute around the city.
He said that at least rickshaws should be readily available across the city so that people could commute with ease. The mayor said that dearth of funds had been a major hindrance in implementing his ideas for development projects in the city.
The Chief Justice retorted that the city does not merely need roads, one should now focus on underground trains and transportation via the sky as the next logical step. CJP further stated that all the provinces complain in unison claiming of not being empowered enough.