Maryam questions PTI Chairman’s importance

-Asks Imran Khan why do you think you’re so important that everyone wants to kill you?
ABOTTABAD: PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Thursday came down hard on former prime minister Imran Khan for not doing anything for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during his party’s time in power in the province and questioned why he thought he was so “important” that others wanted him dead.
Addressing a workers’ convention in Abottabad, the PML-N chief organiser took several jibes at the PTI chairman and said: “Why do you think you are so important that everyone is planning to kill you? “First, he said an American conspiracy ousted his government but apologised to them. Then he blamed Asif Ali Zardari for planning to kill him and yesterday he blamed the agencies.”
Maryam’s remarks come a day after a videosurfaced on social media wherein the PTI chief — who is currently recovering from an attempt on his life — purportedly claimed that the military leadership had gone as far as trying to harm a popular political leader.
Last month, Imran had also accused Zardari of being part of a plan to “get rid of him”, alleging that after “two” failed attempts on his life, the four people — who he has previously claimed to have hatched a conspiracy to kill him — along with the PPP leader, had now prepared a “Plan C” to eliminate him.
During her speech in Abottabad, Maryam highlighted that her father, PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, used to attend court hearings in a wheelchair even though he had not committed any crimes.
“I wish Imran gets well soon but let me tell you that it is not his plaster that doesn’t allow him to go to the courts, it is his crimes.”
Commenting on the Jail Bharo Tehreek (court arrest movement), the Maryam lambasted Imran saying, “Why should the workers give their arrest first? Farah Gogi should be arrested first for plundering millions. His wife (Bushra Bibi) received expensive rings […] she should be arrested first.”
Maryam termed the movement to be a “Jaib Bharo Tehreek” and said Imran filled his pockets during his time in power but wanted his workers to fill the jails.
The PML-N chief organiser urged the people to spread her message to every corner of the province so that the people were made aware of the reality of Imran and his party. –Agencies