Mariam Ansari reveals she had mental breakdown

By Abid Usman

Mariam Ansari is a very talented actress, model and fitness enthusiast. She is also the sister of actor Ali Ansari and sister-in-law of Saboor Aly. Mariam has done many acting projects and people generally love her natural acting and beauty. Mriam Ansari has recently become a mom and she has welcomed the biggest blessing in her life, her daughter. She has shared the good news initially with beautiful pregnancy shoot pictures.
Talking to BBC Urdu, Mariam revealed that she went through a mental breakdown after her pregnancy shoot went viral. she said that having a child is a normal thing and those pregnancy photos represent her happiness. But negative comments from people turned it into this sad thing.
She said that she even had to deactivate her Instagram account due to all the negativity she was getting and added that Pakistanis also have children. Pregnancy is a normal thing and should not be treated as a taboo. She also thanked all her followers who shared in her happiness and sent blessings and good wishes for her and her family.