Man blamed for torturing, raping step-daughter held in Karachi 


KARACHI: Police arrested two people, one of them step father of a girl, who was allegedly tortured and raped in Awami Colony area of the city, media reported Monday.

According to police, taking notice of a viral video, they apprehended two suspects from Awami Colony area. “One of them was step father of the victim while the other was his brother,” they said.

The victim claimed that she was tortured and raped by the step father and his brother.

The father admitted that he had tortured the girl but denied rape charges. He instead blamed that the girl was raped by a neighbourhood boy in return of monetary benefits.

“When I came to know this, I tortured both my daughter and that boy,” he claimed and asked the police to verify his statement from the victim’s mother and his wife.

The police, on the other hand, said that they would carry out a medical examination of the victim to ascertain the claims. We will also summon mother of the girl to testify regarding the claims of her husband, they said.

It is pertinent to mention here that top police officials have been admonished by the Sindh High Court in past for not devising proper standard operating procedures (SOPs) during investigations of sexual assault cases especially timely process of conducting medical examination of the victim.