‘Mainland actively facilitates Taiwan compatriots’ return’

WUHAN: Taiwan affairs offices in Hubei Province have been actively assisting Taiwan compatriots stranded in the coronavirus-hit province in returning home safely and smoothly since the COVID-19 broke out more than two months ago, said an official with the Hubei provincial Taiwan affairs office on Saturday.
The official made the remarks in an interview in response to Taiwan media reports that Taiwan compatriots’ attempts to travel out of Hubei were thwarted by the provincial authorities.
Calling the reports “malicious rumors,” the official said the stranded Taiwan compatriots still face entry restrictions imposed by Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authority, which has blocked their way back home.
“The DPP authority represents the very barrier to the Taiwan compatriots’ home return,” the official said.
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Taiwan affairs offices in Hubei have facilitated sending 608 Taiwan compatriots back home upon their requests, the official said, adding that Taiwan compatriots in Hubei are allowed to leave the province with their health certificates.
Noting that there are four direct flights across the Taiwan Strait in operation, the official said Taiwan compatriots stranded in Hubei other than the city of Wuhan can arrange their travels back home.
– The Daily Mail-People’s Daily News exchange item