LV Museum depicts country’s past glory

ISLAMABAD: The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) Museum has depicted the hallowing glory of Pakistan with a great splendor and historic grandeur that defined the creation of Pakistan with an aroma of great contributions, achievements and sacrifices. The museum does not remain confined to merely political developments rather unveils the historic, cultural and social evolution that lead to a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India. It also enunciated the great civilizations inhabiting this part of the subcontinent. The region that is home to the world’s first university that spread knowledge across the globe with its pupils coming from different regions. Besides, the museum presents the great achievements of the region since ancient social evolution, the struggle to achieve Pakistan and the establishment of Pakistan. The Museum built at the western elevation near Zero Point highlights the sacrifices of the striving heroes of the country in chronological order and with historical facts. An official in the museum said that a large number of local tourists as well as foreigners regularly visit the museum and pay rich tributes to the great heroes of the nation. He said the Museum commemorated national heroes in a way that really attracted people. ‘The nations that cherish and reckon their past to inherit true history of their great forefathers put a strong foundation of a bright future,’ he said. He said Pakistan Monument Museum also housed reference library, audio-visual material, conference halls and a fiveseater auditorium (Panorama Hall). He said various aspects were being reviewed to further improve the museum to attract more tourists.