Locals join hands with Army against terrorism in Chitral

Staff Report

RAWALPINDI: In an inspiring show of unity and resilience, the local population of Chitral has rallied behind the Pakistan Army, offering unwavering support and assistance in the fight against terrorism.
The scenic district of Chitral, nestled in the northern regions of Pakistan, has witnessed a heartwarming display of solidarity as its residents come together to protect their homeland from the threat of terrorism.
Local people in Chitral have taken extraordinary measures to bolster the efforts of the Pakistan Army. They have been actively involved in delivering much-needed arms, ammunition, and food supplies to the front lines, ensuring that the soldiers defending the nation have the necessary resources to carry out their mission effectively.
What sets this remarkable gesture apart is the willingness of the brave residents of Chitral to fight alongside the Pakistan Army if the need arises. Their readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces demonstrates a shared commitment to safeguarding the peace and security of the region.
Further underscoring their dedication to the cause, the local populace of Chitral recently convened a jirga (tribal council) with the Frontier Corps (FC) Wing Commander. During the meeting, the residents of Chitral assured their full cooperation with the Pakistan Army and unequivocally condemned the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the region.
The resolve of the people of Chitral and the Pakistan Army was put to the test on September 6, 2023, when FC check posts along the Pak-Afghan border were attacked at dawn. In a swift and resolute response, the Pakistan Army retaliated, pushing back the terrorists and inflicting heavy casualties on them.
During an exchange of fire, at least 12 terrorists were killed while four Pakistani soldiers embraced martyrdom, according to military’s media wing, the ISPR.
It said owing to heightened threat environment, security was already on high alert.
Meanwhile, Chitral’s Deputy Commissioner, Muhammad Ali Khan, and District Police Officer (DPO), Ikramullah Khan, have jointly issued an important statement in light of the recent events. They reassured the public that the situation was under control and emphasised the commitment of both the local residents and the Pakistan Army to rid Chitral of any terrorist presence.
Despite the security concerns, life in Chitral remains largely unaffected. All schools, universities, hospitals, and markets are operating as usual. To reinforce security measures, additional law enforcement personnel have been deployed, and joint police and FC check posts have been established to ensure the safety of the region’s residents.
Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali Khan affirmed, “The brave people of Chitral have always supported the state, and they will stand like an impenetrable wall in front of any enemy. We will not tolerate any terrorist activities in Chitral.”