Life returns to normal as epidemic eases

SHENYANG: On the first day of its reopening, masked visitors lined up at the front gate of the Shenyang Palace Museum, ready to have their temperatures taken before touring the palace.
“The museum has adopted strict epidemic prevention measures so that visitors can rest assured,” said Zhao Yan, a visitor to the museum in Shenyang, capital of northeast China’s Liaoning Province. Zhao bought tickets online after she saw the museum’s announcement of reopening to the public on March 17 on social media.
“Spring is in the air. It’s refreshing to walk around in the museum after days of stay-at-home quarantine,” said Zhao.
As the coronavirus outbreak is leveling off in China, many public venues have resumed business. In Shenyang, local authorities announced on March 21 that all public venues including cinemas, theaters, bars and beauty salons will reopen in an orderly manner. The catering industry, among the sectors worst hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, is also springing back to life. Eateries and cafes began opening their long-shuttered doors and serving comforting dishes. “With Starbucks resuming business, I can now enjoy my afternoon coffee break as usual,” said a customer surnamed Bao in one Starbucks store in Shenyang. Sports enthusiasts such as joggers and bikers began reappearing in parks and gyms.
– The Daily Mail-People’s Daily News exchange item