Libyan official hails China for helping Africa


DM Monitoring

TRIPOLI: A senior official of the Libyan Higher Council of State has praised China’s assistance to the African continent in its combat against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying it is a “demonstration of global solidarity.”
“China is once again demonstrating solidarity with the world in difficult times, especially the continent of Africa, with which it has a close relationship,” Mohammed Sammoud, chairman of the council’s Anti-COVID-19 Action Committee, told Chinese state sponsored news agency, describing China as an “old and trusted friend.”
“China has supported and stood together with the Libyan people and expressed the willingness to provide all its experience in fighting this crisis. This is the evidence of the deep traditional relationship between the two countries,” Sammoud said.
“We thank the Chinese leadership and people for standing with Libya in such difficult circumstances, as the world is waging a fierce war against the novel coronavirus,” he added.
Noting that the recent aid China has offered Libya is a “true expression of its sense of others and an important message for the sense of humanity,” the Libyan official said that he expects China to continue its support for the Libyans by providing necessary medical support and experience in fighting COVID-19.
According to the Libyan Foreign Ministry, the North African country earlier in April received a shipment of anti-coronavirus medical aid from China’s Jack Ma Foundation.
In March, the Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation announced their commitment to donating 100,000 medical masks, 20,000 test kits and 1,000 protective suits and face shields to each of the 54 nations on the African continent.
Apart from medical supplies, the two foundations are connecting African medical professionals with doctors from China and around the world to collaborate online and exchange hard-earned experience in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19.
“Libya believes that the world has no choice but to share solidarity, information, efforts and scientific research, and not treason, skepticism and accusations without evidence,” Sammoud said.
“China has shown, through great and transparent work, that there is a great opportunity to eliminate COVID-19 by reforming the health system, taking strict measures, and sacrificing without hesitation, in order to help combat the disease,” Sammoud added,