LHC seeks final arguments on plea for separate graveyards for COVID-19 victims

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday sought final arguments on a petition seeking establishment of separate graveyards for victims of the novel coronavirus. Justice Shakilur Rehman Khan directed the petitioner as well as the official respondents to forward their final arguments in the case on the next hearing slated for May 18. The petitioner stated before the court that the people affected by Covid-19 are kept in isolation to avert spread of the virus and if any of the patients die of the disease, they are buried in a graveyard in accordance with stringent precautionary measures. He contended that the victims of the highly contagious disease should be buried in separate graveyards. The petitioner, therefore, pleaded with the LHC bench to issue directives for the government to establish separate graveyards for coronavirus victims.