Lenovo asked to benefit from Pakistan’s investment policy

BEIJING: Pakistan Ambassador to China, Moinul Haque paid a visit to the headquarters of Lenovo Group Limited in Beijing and invited the group to benefit from Pakistan’s favourable business environment for investment in ICT and related sectors.
Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese multinational technology company dealing in the design and development of laptops, personal computers, workstations, supercomputers and electronic storage devices.
During the visit, the Ambassador toured various sections of the headquarters and reviewed the state-of-the-art facilities of the Lenovo Group.
Ms Lu Bo, the Vice-President of the Group briefed the Ambassador on Lenovo’s development trajectory and potential for future growth in the region.
Vice-President Lu stated that as China’s strategic partner and iron-brother, Lenovo Group stood ready to explore Pakistani market for further expanding its footprints in Pakistan in research and development and ICT sector.
In his remarks, Ambassador Haque thanked the Vice-President for Lenovo’s interest in Pakistan and updated her about Pakistan’s growth potential in ICT sector.
He said that Pakistan has been actively developing its digital economy and rolling out new policies to make Pakistan an attractive destination for investment in the ICT industries. – Agencies