Leapord owned by resident attacks many in Pindi

RAWALPINDI: At least one person has succumbed to the injuries after being mauled by a leopard in an upscale society in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.
A panicked four-legged carnivore ran through the streets of Defence Housing Authority on Thursday as residents and wildlife crew along with local administration members run in a frenzy to get hold of the big cat.
Many people were mauled amid disarray, some of them bitten as clips doing rounds on internet show residents swarming as the animal created panic. At one point, wildlife opened fire to catch the leopard; instead, the big cat managed to escape.
The chase ended hours when officials with a tranquilizer gun managed to calm the animal in a room.
It was learnt that the animal was owned by a resident of the private housing society. The furious animal was on the loose after breaking his cage.
On the other side A person was allegedly injured after a leopard attack in a private housing society in Islamabad.
After injuring a person, the leopard found shelter in an under-construction house, making it challenging for the authorities to capture the predator.
The security officials and housing society administration are trying to get the leopard out of the area to ensure the safety of the residents.
Meanwhile, the administration closed the public places and parks inside the society premises.
The Assistant Commissioner (AC) requested the residents to take precautions and stay inside their houses.
Islamabad Wildlife Management officials also reached the spot and reported that the leopard has taken cover inside different under-construction houses in the society. Wildlife officials are still trying to capture the animal. –Agencies