Law of the land

The Supreme Court on Friday urged the government to take concrete measures to resolve the missing persons issues. A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by acting Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial heard the case filed by the federal government against Islamabad High Court order. Previously, the Islamabad High Court had ordered the government to pay monetary aid to the mother of a missing person namely Imran Khan, a resident of Islamabad who went missing five years ago. According to details, Imran, a professional engineer was picked up by some unknown persons from his home in G-10 Islamabad in 2015. During the proceeding, the Assistant Attorney General told the court that there was no law that provides a legal basis for the provision of financial aid to the family of such a missing person. However, acting Chief Justice urged the government to assist the 75 years old woman under Ehsaas Program and AAG requested time for consideration. The issue of missing persons is a long-standing issue, and which emerged during the US led war on terror, when LEAs started undertaking secret arrests of the persons involved/associated in terrorist activities due to sensitivity of the case and security implications so they can be able to arrest the whole network without cautioning the remaining culprits. Due to such practices of LEAs, the terrorist/criminal elements also started adopting the same strategy and radicalized youths involved with terrorist organizations used to leave their homes without informing their families about their future intention/ destination and therefore, such cases were also linked with LEAs during the past. In fact, the constitution of the country is the foremost foundation on which a state builds its structure and confers rights, responsibilities, and privileges of its citizens and defines the jurisdiction of its institutions. The constitution of Pakistan explicitly covers all aspects but unfortunately implementation of the constitution remains the weakest area of our country, which turned our society into a crowd of human beings instead of a civilized nation. If there was a rule of law and punishment to the wrong doers then no one would dare to put his feet in big shoes and the system of the country runs accordingly. Truthfully, no logic can justify an above the law action of any public office holder because extra-constitutional acts always have long-term consequences for the nation. A state inability to implement the law resulted in the shape of disappearances, kidnapping, rapes, and women/Child abuse. The strict implementation of law and punishment to the culprits as well as the people sitting in the chairs if they act above the law is essential for becoming a successful nation. Therefore, authorities are requested to follow the law if they want to make Pakistan a peaceful, civilized, and prosperous country of the world.