Large gathering at local Jirga in Sindh blows COVID-19 SOPs to smithereens

KARACHI: Manghopir – Sultanabad area of the metropolis saw a large gathering for a traditional Jirga in clear violation of government’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Hundreds of people have participated in the event being held to address the growing trend of drug usage in the area.

The Jirga was attended by local bigwigs and police officers of the area who along with the rest of the participants took no precaution against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) and representative of Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF) Nusrat Sehar Abbasi questioned the writ of the provincial government, saying that the participants left no stone unturned in making a mockery of coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Revealing a personal incident, Abbasi said that one of her own relatives was dealing with a life and death situation after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

Nusrat Abbasi said that she is in an apparent position of power has failed to acquire a bed for her relative at any local healthcare facility, she said what will become of the poor that are suffering from coronavirus.

Provincial Minister at the Government of Sindh for local government, forests and religious affairs Nasir Hussain Shah speaking on the development said that strict action will be taken against what has transpired and the participants along with the organisers will be traced and punished in accordance with the law.