Kyrgyz protests continue to escalate

DM Monitoring

MOSCOW/BISHKEK: Russia said on Thursday that Kyrgyzstan had descended into chaos and that Moscow was obliged by a security treaty to prevent a total breakdown in the country, where rival groups have claimed power in post-election unrest.
The Central Asian nation, where Russia has an airbase, has been gripped by instability since parliamentary elections on Sunday which government critics and western monitors said were marred by vote-buying.
Protesters stormed government buildings on Tuesday and various groups have said they are in charge.
Parliament failed to gather a quorum in an overnight session to agree on who should take over from ousted ministers, deputies said earlier on Thursday, prolonging a power vacuum.
“The situation looks like a mess and chaos”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a briefing, referring to Russian obligations under a security treaty between the two countries to avoid a complete breakdown of government.