Kyrgyz Ministers warns of worsening Corona situation


Bishkek: “It has already started to rise (number of new identified cases of coronavirus), from October it will get worse, and in November the situation will become very serious again,” Governor of Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk-Kul Oblast Balbak Tulobayev shared such a forecast about COVID-19 on his Facebook page.
According to him, this is confirmed by the fact that in summer the epidemic spread in the southern hemisphere – at this time there was winter. “The worst situation was in Brazil and Chile. Even in such a small country as Peru, fifty thousand people died in a month of winter. This is a very serious indicator,” the official wrote.
He named this as main reason for closing down everything again and quarantines as well.
“This should be taken very seriously. Wearing masks is necessary in order to reduce your dose of infections and, God forbid, if you are infected, not to spread a lot of virus into the environment. Masks are the most important and unfortunately the only real defense mechanism today. This is it,” the governor shared.
Over the past 2 days, Kyrgyzstan’s number of daily identified COVID-19 cases surpasses 100-mark, that says increasing in number of novel coronavirus cases.
Meanwhile, Kyrgyzstan’s tally of COVID-19 cases reached 45,932 on Friday with 175 new cases reported in the last day, according to the report from the republican headquarters on COVID-19.–Agencies