Kuwait seizes over 2 million bags of drugs

Middle East Desk

KUWAIT CITY: Kuwait customs has seized 2.220 million bags of narcotics at the country’s Shuwaikh port, country’s media reported on Tuesday.
According to details, the narcotics were found in three containers left behind for over 90 days in the port. The first container contained 111,000 bags of the narcotic substance Paan, the second had 109 bags, and the third 2 million bags, the General Administration of Customs said.
The administration said people attempting to smuggle narcotics and prohibited goods would be prosecuted.Earlier in July, security officials in Saudi Arabia thwarted several attempts to smuggle large quantities of drugs into the Kingdom.
Coastal patrols in the Eastern Province had foiled a bid to sneak 495,481 amphetamine tablets into the country, while naval patrols in Khafji in the Eastern Province had stopped 241 kilograms of hashish and 419,000 amphetamine pills getting through. Maritime security officers in the Tabuk region had also undermined a smuggling operation involving 334,000 amphetamine tablets.