KP police submits report on protests to interior ministry

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police submitted a report to the interior ministry regarding vandalism and arson during demonstrations following a Supreme Court verdict acquitting Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who had been on death row in a blasphemy case.
According to the report, incidents of vandalism and arson occurred in Nowshera and Hangu with suspects involved in inciting violence arrested.
The report further said, 25 cases have been registered against those involved in violent protests out of which eight suspects have been arrested.
Moreover, the report stated that 17 suspects that set fire to the Rashakai Interchange Toll Plaza have been arrested with efforts under way to arrest the remaining suspects.
During the three-day protest across the country, a number of vehicles and properties were destroyed in protest of the SC’s order acquitting Bibi of blasphemy charges. Main intersections and roads were blocked in major cities, resulting in severe mobility issues for people.
Law enforcement agencies have apprehended around 1800 individuals from all over the country who were allegedly involved in vandalism, torture and arson during demonstrations.