KP accelerates development of SEZs: WealthPK


ISLAMABAD: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Economic Zones Development and Management Company (KPEZDMC) is speeding up the creation of special economic zones (SEZs) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, WealthPK reported.
Arbab Haroon, Marketing and Communication Officer at the KPEZDMC, told WealthPK that Raqam International Packaging Ltd has started operations at Hattar SEZ, powered by 11KV feeder lines. He said 10MW energy is supplied to Hattar SEZ enterprises through double-circuit 11KV lines designated to the zone. Furthermore, the Hattar SEZ 132KV Grid Station is projected to start producing 40MW power in next two to three months.
Raqam International is estimated to provide 300 direct and 900 indirect job possibilities once it is fully operational, according to Arbab Haroon.
‚ÄúPakistan’s exports will benefit from this industry’s addition of value. Raqam Intl, which has previously worked with on-site and off-site printing in Canada and Saudi Arabia, is prepared to bring holographic printing technology to the KP market.
In the Hattar SEZ, 45 apartments are now under development. The Hattar SEZ is a fast-emerging zone in the industrial growth of KP, he noted, citing the one-window clearance procedure and prompt implementation by the KPEZDMC.
Hattar SEZ is the KPEZDMC’s first special economic zone, covering 424 acres area. It is ideally placed 33 kilometres from the federal capital Islamabad and approximately six kilometres from a connection to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
Abdul Karim provided a review of development progress at the Ghazi Economic Zone and inaugurated three new industries, according to Arbab Haroon.
Locals and business people recognized and praised the KPEZDMC’s contribution to the Ghazi Economic Zone’s rapid infrastructural development.
During the tour, the SACM launched three new industries, namely Zisco (pharmaceutical), Artline (packing), and Doaba (construction). Upon commercial production, these industrial projects, costing Rs500 million, would provide more than 200 direct and 800 indirect job opportunities.
In addition, 55 of the 70 industrial plots have already been allocated, and about 70% of the civil work in the zone has been completed, Arbab Haroon stated.
Ghazi Economic Zone is a fast-emerging zone in industrial development and a good vantage point for investors due to its closeness to Punjab, the efficient one-window clearance procedure and quick implementation by the KPEZDMC. This will provide residents with employment prospects, rekindling optimism for economic and social progress.