‘Kissan Card, an agriculture revolution in the making’


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MULTAN: Kissan card, a novel technological intervention set into motion by Prime Minister Imran Khan in Multan on Apr 26, 2021, is actually a one-click single remedy to all troubles farming community had been facing since long.
The Prime Minister has triggered an agriculture revolution in the making, said south Punjab secretary agriculture Saqib Ali Ateel.
“It would free farmers from multi-step verification processes for subsidies making these accessible in a single step”, Saqib said. It has also cleared the doubt smokescreen on direct subsidies, he said adding that farmers used to complain of hard or no access to direct subsidies which are now accessible under Kissan cards.
Director agriculture extension Multan division Shahzad Sabir said that initially the main focus of the Kissan cards was to reduce the cost of production of farmers and make modern agriculture accessible and profitable for them.
However, since the Prime Minister also announced agriculture loans and crop insurance under Kissan card initiative, these two would soon be incorporated under the mechanism.