‘KfW ensuring safe blood transfusion across country’


By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: Senior Project Coordinator on Health for KfW Development Bank Islamabad Dr Masuma M. Zaidi Friday said her organization had been ensuring safe blood transfusion in the far flung, particularly bordering areas of the country.

Safe blood transfusion was a more challenging and difficult task especially in the far flung areas, where basic amenities of life were still rare for the people, she said.
The KfW Development Bank, Dr Masuma Zaidi said, had supported 10 well-equipped regional blood centers across the country with an amount of Rs 175 million (Euro 1.5 million), aiming to reach out the deserving communities, particularly people living on border regions with quality services.

She said the KfW was supporting five more blood transfusion centers, including one in Islamabad, which were expected to be functional soon. The centres, she said, were being set up on the land provided by the government.