Kashmir diplomacy


The proactive and sustained Kashmir diplomacy of PTI government is paying dividend and the international community now consider Indian held Kashmir as disputed territory. The United States has closer strategic relationship with India in South Asia but it supports Pakistan’s firm and principled stand on the core issue of Kashmir and against illegal action of Narendra Modi government of annexing the occupied lands. In a statement submitted to a congressional panel, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia and Central Asian Affairs Allice G. Wells told that US position regarding the Indian held Kashmir as being disputed territory is unchanged even after the revocation of its special constitutional status and subsequent annexation. She further elucidated that Line of Control (LOC) is a defacto line separating two pars of Kashmir.
Ms Wells, while responding to a question by the Congressional Panel Chairman Brad Sherman, stated that no change has come in the US position in the aftermath of India’s August 5 action to annex the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The US assessment of the situation in Kashmir emphasised resumption of Pak-India composite dialogue process which had been suspended in November 2008. The Intifada in the occupied Kashmir has gained further momentum to which the US State Department senior official has made a reference. Pakistan is giving moral and diplomatic support to it. In retaliation and out of desperation, India escalates tension on the line of control and targets both military posts and civilian population on the pretext of militant camps. The visit of foreign diplomats and media persons to Jura sector along LOC has exposed the Indian narrative of cross border terrorism.
The bold stand of the ruling leadership of this South East Asian Islamic state may lead to trade war with India as the Indian traders have been urging their government to limit the quantum of palm oil imports from Malaysia. It is an example to be emulated by other Islamic states to take an unequivocal stance on Kashmir dispute and atrocities being perpetrated on Kashmiri Muslims. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quershi have sensitized the collective conscience of international community and leaders of Islamic countries on Kashmir. Let us hope diplomatic offensive will continue to bring India to the negotiation table for talks on the outstanding issues and disputes. It is high time for the leadership of opposition political parties to postpone their protest march against the government and extend unflinching support to it to carry forward Kashmir diplomacy.