Judicial inquiry underway as man sets himself ablaze outside PM House

-Findings to be revealed within 48 yours

By U. Zee

ISLAMABAD: In the most tragic news of the day, a man named Faisal burned himself alive, outside the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, here this Friday.
According to details, a few minutes before the Jumma prayers, the man set fire to himself in public. Ever since the news broke out, people had been amusing about the reason for his death. One school of thought suggested the man burned himself alive due to hunger and poverty. However, other reports suggest that the man was a child offender, and did so in fear of the police.
But the question remains if that was the case, why would he commit a cruel act like this outside the Prime Minister’s office? Was he being framed for something he did not do? Because a criminal would never think of taking his life as a sign of protest.
In either case, the Prime Minister’s office needs to show remorse and embarrassment over the incident. The PM House/Office remains the most guarded place in the country and if so much security could not save a man from burning himself, there is an issue.
When the man was carrying out this sinister act, even the most rogue techniques of stopping him could have been used. He could have been overpowered, manhandled or even shot in the foot. Either case would have saved his life. Already, the internet has been angry over the mass production of PTI Corona Tiger Force shirts. This incident serves as another feather in the cap of the PM’s cabinet.
Moreover, the officials say that a letter addressed to Prime Minister Imran Khan was recovered from the body of the man who ended up his life by setting himself ablaze. The man poured petrol over himself and set himself on fire. The officials said that a close relative of the man was admitted to a nearby hospital whose medical treatment was interrupted, perhaps, due to strict lockdown in the capital city. They said that he had written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan before committing suicide.
In a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the citizen said that the situation in hospitals was deteriorating as the doctors were  not treating the patients. “My mistake was that I voted for PTI and that’s all,†the people quoted the lines from his letter to PM. He stated that he had moved an application to Prime Minister House against Jawad Abbasi, a local politician, but no action was taken against him. He said the application was marked to Rawalpindi CPO and when he went to Pir Wadae police station for action against Jawad Abbasi, another fake FIR of 20 litres liquor was lodged against him. The details about the man who committed suicide as who was he and where he belonged to and how reached there in front of PM house despite the restrictions and lockdowns have yet come.
Sources within Capital Cops disclosed to The Daily Mail that Faisal Mehmood S/O Fazal Hussain, R/O Daiwal Shareef; Murree, was in fact a psychological patient. The sorces said that his scattered psychological state was confirmed by Faisal’s brother. A case was registered against him 7 years back also and had been wandering around here and there with one complaint and another. Then he had hospital issues as well and had recently gone to Poly Clinic also.
And most recently, the surces said, the man, before setting himself ablaze, he said, Faisal had in fact stated that he did not trust Rawalpindi Police where he was accused of rape of a 9 year old at Murree, on September 2019, saying he was falsely accused in the case. Sources said that he was instantly taken to the Burns Center by a team of cops but he succumed to his injuries.
Moreover, the sources further claimed that a judicial inquiry has been launched of the incident and causes of the incident are being pondered upon. But this much is clear that this act of Faisal had nothing to do with Capital Cops or coronavirus! The suicider was a 45 year old bearing CNIC 42301-1045367-5, who had died of burns and a judicial inquiry against the incident is underway. Chief Commissioner ICT has, in fact, appointed Muhammad Hamza Shafqat; District Magistrate ICT, for the judicial inquiry into the matter with it’s clear findings and recommendations, after evaluating all the record and evidence connecting with the incident within 48hours.