Job fair for disabled people held in Beijing

BEIJING: Over 100 government-affiliated institutions in Beijing teamed up on Wednesday to hold a job fair for people with disabilities, the first of its kind in the city, Beijing Daily reported.
A total of 107 positions were offered at the event organized by the city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation. All job vacancies were open for handicapped people regardless of their degree and category of disability, with requirements on age and education level of job seekers lowered.
One of the employers, the Chaoyang District New Media Center, has raised the upper limit of age for job applicants from 35 to 40.
“Previously, the majority of positions required applicants to be below 35 years old. In fact, the job position we offer is mainly about text editing, which can be done inside an office. It is suitable for some people with disabilities, and age is not the only criteria for assessment,” said a recruiter from the company.
The positions available at the event covered a wide range of professions, including text editing, administrative management, as well as computer science, accounting and finance, and rehabilitation. Xiaolu, a hearing-impaired job seeker who is a graduating student from Beijing Union University’s Special Education College, was interested in a position of video editor at Beijing Anding Hospital.
“Although I don’t have a degree in a video-editing related major, I am interested in filming, video shooting, and editing, and I have some experience,” said Xiaolu. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item