It’s China that’s dancing with wolves


Labeling people is an easy way to oversimplify the character of its bearer. That’s why some Western politicians are so keen to label Chinese diplomats as “wolf warriors”, and China’s diplomacy as “virus diplomacy”. In doing so, they are intent on portraying China to the international community as an obtrusive and unruly upstart knocking the door of their civilized club. But their true motive is to cover up how they are trying to torpedo China’s national rejuvenation by hook or by crook, fearing that the sleeping giant is awakening and will shake the world that is to their favor. And more immediately, the extent to which they have failed to contain the contagion at home and their failure to contribute to the global fight against the novel coronavirus. It is not that China’s diplomacy has become more aggressive but that the US camp has become addicted to reaching out for a yard after taking an inch when it comes to China, and some people even feel uncomfortable with any reaction from China, no matter how restrained. It is China that is dancing with wolves, not the other way round. When the US and its suitors openly endorse secessionism in China’s Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang, brazenly try to take Chinese companies by their throat and throttle them, and shamelessly smear and sabotage China’s efforts to promote the common development and well-being of countries, the country has every reason to take all available means within the framework of international laws to defend its sovereignty, core interests and development prospects. With love for peace ingrained in its heart, China might be the exception to the law of the jungle. Unlike Western powers, it has never used, and will never use force to make other countries steppingstones to help it rise. History has taught it an important lesson — that confrontations lead nowhere, and that a peaceful and stable external environment is conducive for its development. That’s why the country has exercised considerable restraint and composure in its response to provocations and challenges. And it has never taken the initiative to pick a fight with those countries that are trying to goad it into reckless action. If there is any change in China’s diplomacy, which has always evolved around the tenets of independence, peace and development, it is that with the increase of China’s national power, its diplomacy has become more capable of transforming the tenets into realities for itself and the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has only verified — in a costly way — China’s vision that the world is a community with a shared future. Whether that future is good or bad depends on how the members of that community treat one another. –CN