Is new Cold War emerging between China and US?


Is a new Cold War emerging between China and the US? The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the current US policy is based on a strategic misjudgment that lacks factual evidence, and is full of emotional catharsis and McCarthy-like paranoia. China has always believed that the two countries should not seek to transform each other, but jointly explore ways for their different systems and civilizations to peacefully coexist, and this requires the US to work with China in the same direction.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying answered the question at Thursday’s routine news briefing, saying that some people in the US are now under ideological prejudice, and are making every effort to render China an opponent or even an enemy. They are trying every means to curb China’s development and unscrupulously hindering bilateral relationship.
China did not want to provoke the US, whose unjustified suspicion of China has reached the point where it will be shunned. It seems that every Chinese investment has a political purpose, every student studying abroad has a spying background, and every cooperation initiative has an ulterior motive.
“If the US is so lacking in self-confidence, openness and tolerance, and artificially creating various ‘China threats’, then it may eventually become a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Hua said.
China has always believed that the two countries should not seek to reform each other, but should jointly explore ways for their different systems and civilizations to peacefully coexist, as China insists that the path taken by each country is based on its own cultural traditions and historical experience.
China adheres to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, which is in line with the needs of China’s national conditions, and practice has proven that this path not only freed 1.4 billion Chinese people from poverty and backwardness, but also allowed the Chinese nation to once again make contributions to human progress.
Many opinion polls conducted by international organizations have shown that the Chinese people’s support for the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the government is the highest in the world. A recent study conducted by the Kennedy School, Harvard University, over the course of more than a decade shows that the Chinese government led by the CPC enjoys a support and satisfaction rate of more than 93 percent among the Chinese people.
China has never intended to challenge or replace the US, and has no intention of confronting the US in a comprehensive manner. “We care about improving the well-being of our people and satisfying the people’s growing desire for a better life, so China’s policy toward the US has never changed,” she noted. Hua urged the government and some policy makers in the US to look at China more rationally and objectively, and formulate a more rational and pragmatic policy toward China, because only this way is most in line with the long-term interests of both peoples and the expectations of the world.
Hua noted that over the past few decades, China-US cooperation has done many important things, which have not only promoted the development of the two countries, but also contributed to world peace and jointly resolved some urgent global issues. “We feel that there is no reason to terminate this process. We still expect those policy makers in the US to return to rationality, be responsible to their own people, responsible for China-US relations, and responsible for world peace and development,” Hua said.
–The Daily Mail-Global Times news exchange item