Iran slams US move on China, Russia

DM Monitoring

TEHRAN: Iran´s foreign ministry on Friday condemned new United States sanctions against China and Russia, saying they endanger “international trade security”.
“As the primary victim of economic terrorism, Iran strongly condemns the destabilising act of sanctioning certain Chinese companies,” said Iran´s foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi in an official statement.
“The actions of (US President Donald) Trump´s economic terrorism team go against international trade security,” he added. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday the actions against Chinese entities were in response to violations of unilateral US sanctions over buying Iranian oil.
Mousavi also slammed US sanctions against Russian entities allegedly involved in Syria, and called on the world to stand up against US “bullying”. Three individuals, five shipping vessels and a Moscow-based front company were sanctioned over an operation to move money and fuel to Russian forces supporting the government of Syria´s President Bashar al-Assad, the US Treasury announced Thursday.

Iran and Russia have supported Assad during Syria´s eight-year conflict.
Mousavi said Washington´s “excessive” use of sanctions in effect violated a UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution which facilitates trade with Iran.
UNSC resolution 2231 endorsed the 2015 nuclear deal which provided Iran with sanctions relief in exchange for limiting its nuclear programme. Tehran and Washington have been at loggerheads since May last year when Trump abandoned the nuclear accord and subsequently began reimposing sanctions on Iran in a stated campaign of “maximum pressure”.
Agencies add: Tensions between the United States and Iran escalated on Thursday as Washington deployed more troops to the Gulf and Tehran challenged its arch-enemy to provide evidence it attacked Saudi oil facilities. The Pentagon announced it was sending 200 troops with Patriot missiles to bolster Saudi Arabia´s defenses following the strikes this month that knocked out half of the Kingdom´s oil production.
After a week of diplomacy at the United Nations where European leaders unsuccessfully tried to arrange a US-Iran meeting, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani demanded that Washington back up its accusations that Iran was behind the attacks. “Those who make the allegations must provide the needed proof. What is your evidence?” he told reporters.