Intra-Afghan peace talks

FIRST round of peace talks has opened between the officials of Afghan government and the Taliban in Doha, Qatar. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Foreign Minister of Qatar attended the opening ceremony in person, while Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Memood Qureshi and officials from several other countries and OIC attended it virtually. Bye and large an atmosphere of desire for peace was visible. Addressing the opening ceremony of Afghan peace talks, US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that at last Afghan have chosen to sit together and tread the path of peace to chart a new course for their country. On this occasion Foreign Minister of Qatar was more vivid in his remarks about intra-Afghan dialogue and reminded lesson of history that long military conflicts had never produced the intended solutions. He emphasied that stakeholder of the Afghan conflict should forget the bitterness of the past and think about future. Foreign Minister of Qatar expressed the hope that the talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban will succeed, enabling the people of their country to achieve a sustainable peace. Head of the Afghan High Commission for National Reconciliation, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, while thanking the Taliban for engaging in intra-Afghan dialogue, articulated his desire for peace and stability of Afghanistan.
Pakistan on its part, particularly under the present leadership, has performed a positive and supportive diplomatic role for bringing Afghan political groups to the negotiation table. In his address via video link to the opening round on the occasion of Doha peace talks, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi reiterated Pakistan’s commitment towards a peaceful and stable Afghanistan and appreciated the efforts that have been made for starting the intra-Afghan peace talks and wished that it will produce a positive outcome to bring durable peace to the war torn country. He cautioned against repeating the mistakes made in the past, a reference to fratricidal war between the Mujahideen groups after the withdrawal of Soviet troops under Geneva Accord of 1989 and subsequent fall of President Najeebullah government in Kabul. The foreign Minister said that a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan will bring new opportunities and open numerous vistas for cooperation and connectivity in the region and beyond. He urged the international community to lend support to Afghan led and Afghan owned peace process, while respecting the consensus that emerges from intra-Afghan negotiations.