Int’l travel to accelerate with new steps in place

BEIJING: China’s civil aviation authority is reviewing applications for the resumption of international flights by Chinese and foreign airlines after the nation’s recent optimization of COVID-19 control policies, an official from the Civil Aviation Administration of China said on Tuesday.
Liang Nan, director of the administration’s department of transportation, said international travel is expected to accelerate in the second half of this year. “If the market recovers well, the number of international flights (to and from China) by the end of the year is expected to reach about 80 percent of the level before the COVID-19 pandemic, with about 7,300 flights per week,” she said. Liang made the remarks during a policy briefing in Beijing organized by the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee to introduce the optimization of the country’s COVID control policies to international business executives. “Chinese and foreign airlines are optimistic about the resumption of international flights,” she said, with nearly 40 domestic and overseas carriers having submitted applications so far to schedule about 700 passenger flights each week to and from 34 countries.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news excahnge item