Int’l students support health measures in Wuhan

CHONGQING: International students from a primary school in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality are cheering for Wuhan.
“Our students have presented what they’ve learned about the virus and prevention work in the form of artworks, in which sincere wishes were sent to those fighting on the frontlines,” said Dino Gisiano, principal of the KL International School of Chongqing Bashu.
Escher Gisiano, Dino’s son, is a grade three student at the school. Although he has only lived in China for a short time, he has developed a deep affection for China and Chongqing. “I live in Chongqing, and I love it here. I wish Wuhan the best of luck. Wuhan is not alone!”
The grade four students, mainly from countries including Slovakia, the Republic of Korea and Japan, said that the virus is the enemy of all mankind, wishing that everyone in Wuhan stays healthy and safe.
School resumption has been delayed due to the coronavirus, but everything has been going well, Dino said.
“Everything was fine with our daily life. The school adopted online teaching and everyone felt at ease. I believe China will win this battle soon,” he added.
The American principal said that after the novel coronavirus outbreak, the school has also launched online cloud consulting services to ensure that all work is carried out in an orderly manner.
The school has timely and effectively conveyed relevant epidemic prevention knowledge, official policies and measures to teachers and students and actively provided various up-to-date information for foreigners.
Up to now, no confirmed or suspected cases have been reported among all the faculty and students. “The medical staff fighting on the frontlines are highly admirable. Let’s cheer for Wuhan and China! We are one!” Dino said. – Agencies