Information Minister says Looters shedding crocodile tears on prices of petroleum products

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said those who mercilessly looted the national treasury were shedding crocodile tears on the prices of petroleum products.

In a reaction to statements of opposition leaders, she said the players of ‘Corruption Eleven’ wanted to be absolved of their sins by playing with the sentiments of the public.

From August to till now, the government had given subsidy of more than Rs 60 billion to provide relief to the public on petroleum products and save them from the effects of increase in prices, she added.

She said in comparison to other countries of the region, the increase in prices of petroleum products in Pakistan was comparatively less.

Firdous said despite knowing the facts, the Corrupt League which extorted “oil” out of the nation and country was doing politics on the issue.

The opposition was doing the politics of hypocrisy by provoking people, she added.

The special assistant said if the power hungry leaders in the opposition were real sympathisers of the people, the country would not have been in the present condition.

If the accounts of fake money holders were not filled, the country would have stable economy, she added.

Dr Firdous said the nation and democracy was in a loss because of Corruption Kings, adding the opposition made money while the nation suffered loss.

They built future of their own children and threw children of the nation in darkness, she continued.

The special assistant said statement of the lost opposition leader from a pleasurable place in London to explain pain of the people was not less than a joke.

The only agenda of opposition was to protect its wealth and flee, she added.