India’s Pathankot fiasco goes on with all ambiguities

By Makhdoom Babar

Pakistan’s Special Investigation team that was formed by Pakistan government in an unprecedented move to help India solving the case of terror attack on Indian Air Force Base at Pathankot, is loitering around in India just to see Indian officials giving them everything but the anything to move on the investigations of the case.

The Daily Mail had already published an article, suggesting that India would never provide any substance to Pakistani investigator for moving further on Pathankot terror incident as it was nothing else but just a drama, created by Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) to dent FS level Talks and NSA-level Talks and thus would never let Pakistani investigator finally find out that it was merely a drama.

The so far development that have taken place after Pakistani investigators reached India, clearly indicate that Indians are doing everything to hide what actually happened at Pathankot. They have even refused to share the FIR (First Information Report) with Pakistani team which is the basic official document about any criminal incident to base the investigations, at least in India and Pakistan both. FIR is never considered to be a classified document as it is the basic information, provided to police by the complainant for registration of a case for initiating basic official investigations. It is a hard fact that if there is no FIR available, it is officially impossible to determined even if a crime had actually taken place or not and thus legally and officially makes the case as cease to exist.

Following is a brief with regard to what has taken place so far after the arrival of Pakistani investigators in India.

(A) No fresh info has actually been shared except minor things which NIA responded to Pakistani investigators.
(B) Pakistani investigation team handed over a detailed Request for Assistance for Collection of Evidence to NIA & got it received officially by NIA.
(C) NIA had shared minor info /investigation details with Pakistani investigators team which they do not feel to be credible.
(D) No more recording of calls, as claimed by Indians, have so been shared with Pakistani probe team.
(E) India’s NIA has denied any response to many queries by Pakistani team on operational voids stating that they are investigating agency & NIA cannot comment on action agencies.
(F) NIA did not take blame on follies committed by initial investigating agencies.
(G) During discussion on proof of infiltration, Indians have replied that they do not have any credible proof picked by GSRs including no proof of border fence breaching
(H) On technical aspects, NIA has said that IT -based evidence will be provided later, not now.
(I) On Pakistani probe team’s questions over GSM locators, NIA has said that it could not use locators due to Supreme Court orders/judicial compulsions.
(J) NIA has admitted that data / photos / emails about attackers had been collected from ISPs(Internet Service Providers) and not through any official or intelligence source.

With this state of affairs and with this ‘generous and sincere cooperation’ by Indians, even an idiot of first order could easily fugure out that what actually lies beneath the Pathankot attack. The Daily Mail very strongly believes that it crystal clearly proves that Patahnkot attack was nothing else but a mere terror drama like many in the past which were proved to be so with the follow-up events including the viral terror-boat drama of January 2015.

The Daily Mail very strongly suggests that Pakistani probe team must keep functioning in India with the utmost honesty and determination to bring the facts to the light and let the whole world know about the facts as that is why they have gone there. No matter if it turns out to be merely a drama and mischief by the Indian intelligence mechanism, truth must prevail and Pakistani investigators should not let Indians hide the facts at all.