India’s National Security doctrine is ‘defensive offense’ against Pakistan


  • Delhi’s NSA Ajit Doval found revealing his plans for enhancing terror in Pakistan
  • Says India to follow the policy of defensive offense against Pakistan as its national security doctrine
  • In said video, Doval also announces taking war into Pakistan
  • Indian NSA admits TTP terrorists being mercenaries and not some religious fighters or religious extremists
  • By virtue of saying that TTP services can easily be hired against Pakistan by maximized funding, Doval confirms existence RAW-TTP Network
  • Doval also unveils plans of creating political and social unrest in Pakistan and to eliminate Pak-Afghan ties by grabbing maximum influence at Kabul
  • Says India has no threat from TTP as they like  India and Indians very much


By Makhdoom Babar


India’s national security doctrines, evolved by country’s National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval, proves out to be revolving around maintaining a defensive offensive against Pakistan and this so called defensive offense includes keeping aggression on LoC and working boundary with Pakistan, funding  and arming terrorists like TTP in Pakistan, keeping political and social instability intact across Pakistan and keeping a reasonable distance between Kabul and Islamabad by grabbing maximum Delhi influence at Kabul, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

These investigations of The Daily Mail are not result of a handy legwork by its network of investigative reporters but infact these details have emerged from a video, retrieved by The Daily Mail in which India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Kumar Doval has been caught revealing his view, plans and methodologies to counter and dent Pakistan under the cover of India’s National Security doctrine.

In the said video, that we are placing on our web edition for our online readers, Ajit Doval  reveals that india’s national security doctrine is based on India’s methodology of defensive offense against Pakistan. He says that India had to take bits war inside Pakistan. Ajit Doval , in this video, says that India had to tell Pakistan that if India will have one Mumbai attack than Pakistan will have to pay the price by losing Balochistan; a fact that clearly confirms that whatever Pakistani authorities and Pakistani and international media has been saying about India’s dirty game in Balochistan terror wave and its disintegration conspiracies, were actually very much true as India’s own NSA admits of following these plans. The video also finds Ajit Doval  also approves  plans of  keeping political and social instability in Pakistan through India’s intelligence agencies.  The video also finds Doval being with the opinion of created and enhancing distances between Pakistan and Afghanistan by ensuring maximum Indian influence at Kabul. The video indicates that Ajit Doval crystal clearly admits that TTP terrorists are not some religious fighters or religious extremists but he actually exposes them as being  jobless mercenaries who could do anything for the sake of minting money and says thus  India just had to maximize the payments to these mercenaries t6o get required job done. By making this revelation, Ajit Kumar Doval actually makes an admission that there is the existence of RAW-TTP nexus and the said network is operating in Pakistan on the basis of “maximized” payments from India.  Doval also says in the video that India had no threat from TTP or Taliban as a whole as they (the TTP) had very special liking for India and Indians. This video of Ajit Kumar Doval, crystal clearly endorses The Daily Mail’s reports in this direction and specially the ropert titled “ India’s NSA causing acute threat to regional, global peace” stands very much proven in the presence of this video

Without making any analysis or comments to these facts, emerging out of this video of India’s NSA Ajit Kumar Doval, we leave to our valued readers to make their own conclusions by watching this vide here on our website, with a little added attention. Our readers of print Edition can watch this video by logging on to